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Pre-Order 3 Original Songs

As each single is released in the coming months you'll receive a digital copy. You will also receive an exclusive behind the scenes video for Pre-Order participants only.

Thank you for supporting!

About My Songs

Having spent my career singing other artists' music, I felt I had something to say and share with the world. Two of the three singles, to be released in the coming months, are songs I wish I had on my wedding playlist. The love I have for my husband just wasn't represented in the music that I found, so I set out to write my own. The third single is a feel good song that makes me want to dance and sing in the shower, but it's about waiting and perseverance... Ha! Neither of these are my go-to topics to celebrate, but are the building blocks of much of what we seek in life. This song embodies the joyful embrace of patiently persevering with anticipation and hope for the future.

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